Artist’s Statement

Alan Katof

My goal is nothing more than to capture the beauty that surrounds us in this world, and to share that beauty through my photographic images. I photograph flowers—what better place to do that than in California? But I also travel throughout this country and beyond, and photograph what I see in my travels.

For over 40 years I worked in New York in education and art, pursuing crafts like candle making and stained glass, teaching and selling in these areas. Eventually this pursuit evolved into digital photography and the technical aspects of printing photographs with computers. As I evolved from film photography to digital photography, the computer classroom became my laboratory. Sharing my interests with the elementary school children that I taught and with my colleagues motivated me to explore and develop my own skills. I used photography as my tool to motivate and to teach others, and they, in turn, motivated and helped develop my own artistic vision.

I like to smile when I look at my photographs, and I hope you do as well.